WTFD Volunteer Recruitment

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Washington Township Fire District

Help Protect Your Community

Thank you for your interest in the Washington Township Fire District.

Applicants between the ages of 14 (completed 8th grade) and 18 will join the Washington Fire District Fire Explorers Program. Click on the Volunteer Application form below and a representative from the Fire Explorer program will contact you.

Applicants 18 years and older must complete the application process which consist of several phases.

Phase 1 Applicant must fill out Interest Form that will be reviewed by the District Chief for verification of address and station assignment. If approved applicant will Proceed to Phase 2 .

Phase 2 A member from the Recruitment Committee will be assigned to the applicant to assist them through the process.

Phase 3 A Recruitment Committee member will contact the applicant. They will set up a time to meet with you and review The Firefighter Information Packet.

Phase 4 The applicant will fill out and on line application sent by the Recruitment Committee member. Once the application has been filled out, the applicant will meet with his/her recruitment member and sign the application. A copy of valid New Jersey driver license and copy of Social Security card or proof of Social Security Number must be attached to the application.

Phase 5 The Application will be turned over to the Deputy Chief of Administration & Planning. He will submit the application to the District Business Administrator for a Back Ground Check and scheduling of the applicants Medical Physical.

Phase 6 Once the applicant has passed the Back Ground Check and Medical Physical the application will have a final review by the District Chief. If approved by the District Chief applicant will proceed to Phase 7.

Phase 7 The applicant will be scheduled to be sworn in under Oath. Applicant will receive any mandatory training then issued all appropriate firefighting equipment.

Phase 8 The new Recruit will report to his/her assigned station.

Should you have any questions regarding this application process, please contact Deputy Chief of Administration & Planning Ed Weitzman @ 856-863-4006 ext. 4033 or