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After you complete this request, it will be reviewed by the District Fire Chief you will be contacted by a Fire Department representative to continue with the application process.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Washington Twp Fire District.
Being a firefighter is a demanding but rewarding profession.
Here are some things you should know before you join.

  • A background check, including driver abstract, will be done. You may be declined membership should your background check or driver abstract be reported as unsatisfactory. If you have been Arrested you will be declined.
  • You must pass a Fire Department physical examination and drug and alcohol test, at no cost to you. The Washington Twp Fire District also performs random drug and alcohol testing.
  • You must schedule and pass a yearly fire department physical, at no cost to you.
  • You will be on a 1-year minimum probation period.
  • Washington Twp Fire District Policy states that new members must complete the basic New Jersey Fire 1 training program within 12 months of joining, at no cost to you. The Fire 1 program is approximately 180 hours in a classroom setting at a County Fire Academy. Weeknights and weekend classes are available.
  • Washington Twp Fire District Policy regarding facial hair: beards and/or any facial hair are prohibited, with the exception of mustaches. A firefighter must be clean-shaven to wear SCBA.
  • You will be required to attend yearly mandatory training such as: SCBA recertification, HAZMAT, confined space, CPR, blood borne pathogens and/or right-to-know training.
  • You must meet a minimum performance standard to be an active volunteer firefighter with the Washington Twp Fire District.
    • Active firefighters must earn a minimum amount of points in each quarter (January 1 to March 31, April 1 to June 30, July 1 to September 30 and October1 to December 31) in fire calls, in-house duty crews, at-home duty crews or any combination of the aforementioned.
  • Average time to complete membership application can take up to 90 days.
  • You may contact recruitment personnel any time to check on the status of your application.

I have read the above information and would like to become a member of the Washington Twp Fire District.